Become An Official


IF YOU’RE SERIOUS about becoming an official, then consider these important questions before you begin your career: Are you physically fit? Officiating most sports requires some running and endurance. Active sports such as football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, wrestling, or boxing require the officials to be in constant motion.


“The objective of a referee is not to get mentioned. I tell a lot of young referees that not being mentioned is king. If you can achieve that, that then it has been a pretty good game.”

~al lewis


Are you emotionally prepared? Sports officials are placed in highly charged situations that are stressful. Are you calm under pressure? Can you take verbal criticism without becoming defensive? Can you stay calm when confronted by others who are not in control of themselves?

Do you have the time to commit to becoming a qualified and competent official? Reading a rulebook isn’t all it takes. A good official truly understands the nuances of the game. While you may never have played the game competitively yourself, you should have a “feel” for the flow and spirit of the game. Are you able to work games when the opportunity arrives? Are you committed to attending association meetings and training clinics designed to help you improve?

Do you have the right perspective to do the job? If you think officiating can be fun, you’re right. Sports officials get so much more from officiating than a paycheck. If your perspective is right, you’ll find officiating to be a great way to make new friends, learn important people skills, and much more.

Are you intellectually fit? Knowing the rules is a small part of the overall responsibilities of an official. Do you understand the rules and how to apply them fairly?

So if you are still serious about becoming an official, Click Here and we can help you get started.